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You can search by genus, species, plant origin, color or any word in keyword or description field.

You can add words to your search eg. "rose" shows all roses. "rose red" shows red roses. "rose red 1962" lists red roses introduced to cultivation in 1962.

You can also remove any word from your search.

Minimum search is 3 letters and may get better results by searching partial words "waterlil" will give you both waterlily and waterlillies. "colo" will give you both color and colour. In advanced search you can search from dictionary-like listings.



Do I need to register to use the site?

You can browse the website anytime for information, but by creating a username and a password, you will be able to use all functionalities of the site, including lightboxes.

We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of any information collected from or provided by you. We will not give, sell, trade, rent, disclose, loan, or make available any personal information about users to any third party. Further questions or concerns can be sent to


How do I register?

Click on the new registration on the top right side of the page and fill in the short form. Your email will be your user name. After basic registration you will be able to sign in with your user name and password.

Does my browser need to be able to accept cookies?

Yes, we use to store your username and password for future visits to the site. No other information is stored in the cookie.



What if I forgot my password?

Just click the Sign In link. Then on the sign-in form click the "Forgot your password?" link. On the form which is displayed, enter the exact e-mail address you used to register. Then enter a new password, and the same new password in the Confirm field. A verification message will be sent to your e-mail address. When you receive that message, click the link in it to activate your new password.



How do I change my username and password?

Your user name cannot be changed for reasons of security and continuity of identity. If there's a reason to change your user name, please send an email message to and at your request we'll remove your registration from the system so you can start from the beginning, including choosing a different user name.

Click "Edit account settings" and change your email address. Then click the Submit button. After you change your email address, that change must be verified. We'll send a message to your new email address. When you receive it, click the link in the message to activate your address change. (other changes on the My Profile page need no verification.)



How can I search images?

There are several ways to seach at You can use the search field at the top right of the site. You can search plants by genus, species and variety, common names in English, French, German, Swedish and Finnish, plant type (annual, perennial, shrub), plant origin, flower colour and hundreds of keywords.

You can add and remove words in the search field. For example "rose" will list all roses in the database, "rose red" will list all red roses and "rose red old" will list all red, heirloom rose varieties.

Search results will be shown as thumbnail pages. By clicking on the thumbnail you will receive an enlarged image page with an image description, clickable keywords, the maximum available resolution and an icon to add the image to your lightbox. You can return to the thumbnail page with your browser´s back button or by clicking the large image. Other images of the same species or variety are shown as small thumbnails below the large image.

Please DO NOT use quotation marks around your search words or Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) between words.



I typed "wildflowers" in the search field, but got no results. Why?

For most results use singular forms of the search word, plural forms are much less likely to show all images in the database. For example "wildflowers" will not show any results. "wildflower" will currently locate almost 2000 images!



Are partial words recognized?

Yes. And in many cases it´s better to type just part of the search word (minimum is three characters). For example "lil" will list both lily and lilies, "bicolo" will list both bicolor and bicolour.



How do I use the advanced search?

The advanced search lists the database in dictionary-style alphabetical listings. You can select lists by genus, common name (selectable in English, French, German, Swedish and Finnish), plant family, type, origin or general keywords. Keyword help explains the most common keywords.

Selected genus and keywords will be shown in the search box on the top right of the site and you can add words to narrow your search.



Are the image descriptions searchable?

Yes, our search engine can find many words that occur in the plant descriptions.



Do I need to register to create a lightbox?

Yes, registering gives you full functionality of the site, including lightboxes.



How can I add pictures to the lightbox?

You can click the lightbox icon on the thumbnail page or in the enlarged image view. A small popup banner will confirm that the image has been added to the lightbox. In the lightbox view you can create new lightboxes and name them. By clicking on the thumbnail you will receive an enlarged view of the image. Your lightbox menu will then stay on the right side of the page. From there you can edit the lightbox name and description, remove items or delete the lightbox.



Can I share the lightbox with clients or friends?

Yes, you can email the lightbox by clicking "share this lightbox" in the lightbox view menu.


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